Wednesday, March 30, 2011

IELTS Speaking Task 1 – Introduction and Interview

It is a certainty that you will be asked at least a few general questions about your background.  This does not mean you should memorize all possible answers regarding your background.  Sounding like the answers had been memorized will get a mark down.
Remember that all the questions you will be getting in this part of the speaking test are general questions about your background; the only hindrance in this part of the exam will be your willingness to talk about yourself, people and things related to you. Show some enthusiasm when answering questions and give even a little bit of detail when answering questions.
For practice, you could list a few questions you might ask someone you just met; try answering those questions in front of a mirror, the purpose of the mirror is for you to see whether you are relaxed, smiling and looking friendly when answering the questions.
If you are having a hard time trying to think of some questions, try to come up with questions regarding the following topic: Location or where you live, work, family, friends, childhood, work and education.  Try to answer each question you come up with, with at least 3 sentences.
Things to remember before the test
·         Show confidence with a smile and looking your interviewer in the eye.
·         If the examiner offers to shake your hands, return with a firm handshake. Don’t shake your interviewers hand like they had some infectious disease.
·         Don’t beat around the bush, the interviewer might think you didn’t understand the question.
·         Answer the questions with some level of detail, try to be descriptive.
·         Talk freely about yourself; don’t give one word answers or short answers like you were in bad date.
·         Make use of the proper tenses and pronouns.
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