Friday, February 25, 2011


Since I first opened the doors of my IELTS review center in 2009, numerous myths and theories about the IELTS exam and examiners have been asked.  These myths have come about because of what we hear from people who has taken the exam before.  This entry will discuss the myths I have encountered the most times.
·         The exam in a certain area or country is much easier than here – this is definitely in the top 3 myths I’ve heard.  This myth can usually be heard from someone who didn’t meet their required score, took it in another area or country and acquired the score they wanted.  This myth is of course not true, the IELTS exam is a standardized, global exam.  What this means is that no matter where you are taking the exam, the level of difficulty will almost be the same. 
·         One test center gives better scores than another – like the first myth, this is also in the top three if not the actual top question asked.  Every time we let students know we offer free registration assistance with IDP Australia, they would then say they heard that the British Council gives higher rating than IDP Australia. I would have to explain that the only reason IDP Australia is our choice for test center, is that it’s the closer of the two test centers from our office.  The exam and the scoring system are standardized in all countries and test centers.
·         Some IELTS speaking examiners are stricter than others – it does feel that way sometimes. Although the speaking exam is relatively subjective, all IELTS examiners undergo the same training and are required to demonstrate that they are marking to standards; they also undergo on-going monitoring.  Of course it won’t hurt your chances to dress appropriately and behave in a polite and proper manner.
more IELTS myths still to come. 
If you have any myths or theories you want to ask about, feel free to leave it in as a comment and I’ll try to address it as soon as I can.
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